Hi, my name is Graham Hill, the man behind WiFiGuy.

I grew up climbing trees and playing with electronics.  These days I’m likely to be on a tower or building somewhere constructing a wireless link and as happy as any kid. Wireless networking is my trade and what I like to do, well.

In Wireless Networking or anything else you get what you pay for but that doesn’t make paying too much a virtue.  WiFiGuy can help you to get the most out of todays remarkable wireless technology and achieve the satisfaction that comes from a having great job done for a great price.

I am licensed, qualified, experienced and up to date with the latest technology and training.  If you are looking for the best in wireless networking or point to point wireless links then get a quote from WiFiGuy and compare true quality and value.

Graham in his van

Ready to go!


Certifications and training:

Radio Tradesman (Army Apprentice)
Electronic Communication Technician (Army School of Signals)
Motorola Certified Wireless Engineer
RAD AirMux Certified Engineer
Ubiquiti AirMax Certified
Ubiquiti UniFi Certified
Ruckus WiSE Guy Certified
Radiation Hazard Awareness
High Voltage Awareness
Safe Working at Heights
Tower Climbing
Tower Rescue Worker
ACMA Registered Cabler
*Structured Cabling
*Coaxial Cabling
*Fibre Optic Cabling
Construction Industry Induction Card
Marine Security Identity Card
Security Installer Registration Card
Elevated Work Platform Operator
Mine site Light Vehicle Operator

Fully insured

WiFiGuy is a registered business name of New Century Connections Pty Ltd
ABN 83 084 207 349 – Established 1998