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Fast and ultra reliable wireless PTP links to connect your new premises!

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Up to 25 km.

Are you an IT manager from Melbourne or Country Victoria who needs to connect your organization’s network to a new business premises within a short time frame?

I’m sure you’ll want to take no risks but... you’re worried about unreliable suppliers and carriers that are just too damn expensive! Right?


Hi, I'm Graham Hill, the WiFiGuy

I’ve been a radio tradesman for more than 30 years.
For the last 20 years I’ve been installing communications infrastructure for commercial clients with my company ncc (new century connections pty ltd) and have an impeccable reputation in my field of expertise.
Now as the WiFiGuy I’m offering all my precious knowledge and experience to you, the customer, with a service that’s a fraction of the cost that ANY of my larger competitors will charge you.


Let me give you 5 great reasons why you should choose me over competitors:

Less money to spend

1. My rates are just a fraction of what a large carrier like Telstra would charge you.

No waiting

2. I deliver fast! I am available right now and you don’t need to wait 6 months as you would with large installers.

More speed

3. For much less cost I’ll usually give you 10 to 50 times the speed of connection.

Backup link

4. All my links include a hot standby backup link. Modern electronics is extremely reliable but if something does break down you won’t even notice. That’s carrier grade reliability.

Friendly support

5. I am easy to deal with and always available for service and advice. I’m the only one you have to talk to and won’t keep you on hold for hours.

Call right now at : 0414 648 111

No red tape — just pick up the phone and ask me.

Wireless Links (how to save lots of money on comms)

My training and experience means that WiFiGuy can deliver 1st class wireless links at a fraction of the cost of big carrier networks or large providers. Todays wireless technology isn’t expensive and it can save a lot of money while speeding up the connection. Telstra will give you a 10Mbps link and charge you a large provisioning fee and then again every month. I give you 10 to 150 times that speed and charge you once. The business case is compelling.

It’s not for everyone. The most important thing is a clear path with no hills or large buildings between sites. If the path is clear the possibilities are almost limitless.

The process starts with a site visit and Line of Sight (LoS) survey where we see if a link is feasible. Every link is unique. Then I’ll prepare a detailed design, project plan and quote so you can assess my solution. Once you order we decide on a completion date and I get to work making it happen.

I work with your IT support for integration with your network and the OH&S team to ensure a perfectly safe installation.


While each wireless link is unique the chart below shows roughly what kind of data speeds can be expected at a given distance.


Replacement of licensed links

Are you stuck with a great big license and maintenance fee every year?  Did you know that new state of the art license free technology and WiFiGuy can set you free from being overcharged and underserviced?

I know what it’s like when you feel like you are paying too much for maintenance that just doesn’t happen and when you have a breakdown, even with a contract and SLA, no one turns up for days and you are offline and losing money.

It’s just not right.

Wireless technology has come a long way in just the last few years so maybe its time to consider state of the art alternatives to outdated and costly communications solutions.

I’m an Australian army trained Radio Tradesman and it doesn’t come much better than that (31st class Army Apprentice School and Signals Corps).

Have a look at my Testimonials page to see some of my happy customers. My work speaks for itself.

I’m here to help you and your organization make the right choice. Let me explain how the installation process works and what obstacles you might encounter.

Let me share some information with you that you won’t get anywhere else. I will educate you on the subject before you make your final decision. I do care about your business. I’m not here to make unfulfilled promises or half-truths.

Even if you choose an installation company other than me you will still have all of my information and reasoning that will protect you from uninformed decisions. Let’s connect over email and help your business thrive.

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