WiFi (It’s complicated, isn’t it?)

How do you decide which way to go with wireless networking? Maybe you should order that really expensive offering with all the wireless surveys, reports and ongoing support contract? Its really complicated isn’t it?

Hang on a minute. It’s not brain surgery its WiFi and its not too hard to get it right with a little help and WiFiGuy experience. I know what works, what doesn’t and how to get it done. I make it simple, not complicated so we all understand what is being done and delivered.

Communications is so essential in todays world. Wherever you are it’s great when you have 5 bars and a strong connection. The technology is here now that can make secure, powerful and reliable WiFi a reality for anyone.

These days good technology is truly affordable but if its not working perfectly and reliably right now its just a pain in the neck. Only good design, careful planning and expert installation can guarantee reliability and a high level of confidence. I’m excited about a new generation of WiFi products with awesome quality and power at a fraction of the cost. WiFiGuy can be the link between you and this powerful technology.