WiFiGuy now offers fast and friendly home service!

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Is your home or small office suffering from poor WiFi coverage?

Can’t get WiFi in the bedrooms or granny flat?

Apple TV, Sonos or Smart TV not connecting how you want them to?

Have you spent time and money buying wireless extenders that just don’t work?

We’ve solved so many home WiFi problems and just keep getting requests from home owners and people running home businesses who need good WiFi coverage and just aren’t getting it.

That’s why we decided to have a dedicated phone number and team member who’s only job is to look after you, the home owner or home business customer.

Now you can get quick, inexpensive and expert help to solve any problem, big or small and get things working just the way you need them to. It’s an easy and enjoyable job for us and very satisfying to help you get the best out today’s great WiFi technology.

Give our home service expert a call on : 0479 - 083 056

Just pick up the phone and get our help asap.

It doesn’t take too long or cost too much:
Our WiFi professional will usually be in and out within a couple of hours.
Call us for an estimate over the phone and we will confirm at your home before any work is done. 0479 - 083 056

Or you could drop us an email if you prefer to communicate via email. We will answer promptly.

Many have tried DIY solutions but the simple fact is that the “consumer grade” wireless products at electronics stores or on eBay are just not powerful or sensitive enough to provide coverage unless yours is a very small house or apartment. It’s a waste of your time and money.